Many people around the table

Sometimes we want to gather many people around the table - this may be for birthdays, holidays or spontaneous dinner parties. So it should be quick and easy to arrange more seats. Brafab offers several timeless table styles for your patio, making it possible for both large and small groups to enjoy dinner and socializing together. 


Extendable tables

Do you invite friends and family to your home from time to time? If you do, a pull-out table can be a lifesaver when need must. We have tables of various sizes and durable materials - the Hillmond table can, for example, accomodate at least twelve people.


Construct long tables

A little creativity breeds flexibility - perfect for the adaptable patio. Tables with straight edges can be placed next to each other to form a practical and attractive long table, with the desired number of seats. Our square table Nimes is available in several colors, which can be combined to create effective outdoor furniture. When the guests have gone home, the tables can be set up in smaller groups or by themselves. 



Round tables

Round tables are enjoyable because everyone around the table can see one another and more easily join in the conversation. In some cases, a round pillar table can also accommodate more chairs than a square table with several table legs. Our tables  are created with design, quality and function in mind, so that you can enjoy the outdoors together with loved ones.