Consideration in everything we do

Brafab is a family-owned company that has been in existence for over 90 years. We believe that one of the reasons for our successful journey over the years is our watchword, consideration. For us, consideration means not only that we care about our employees, suppliers and customers, but also consideration for design, choice of materials and production – and how we as a company affect our surroundings. 

We at Brafab are convinced that long-term, sustainable decisions lead us towards new business opportunities that generate profitable growth. We are aware of industry’s crucial role in terms of attaining both global and national environmental goals, and we take responsibility and want to be involved in contributing to a better future.

For us, sustainable development means that we address the whole, i.e. how the furniture we produce and sell in turn affects the environment and people. We are constantly working on sustainability throughout the value chain, from production through to consumption, and this is work we are always developing.