The people

We are always looking for new ways of making outdoor life a bit better still and a little more sustainable – and facilitating it for a few more people.

Regardless of where or how you live, our range will meet your expectations and needs. We want to make it possible for more people to spend their quality time outdoors, thereby contributing to an improved quality of life and health. We are doing this by offering outdoor furniture for all contexts and making it easier to create meeting places in outdoor environments where family and friends – young and old alike – can relax, spend time together, laugh and create shared memories. 

Diversity and equality

Brafab’s corporate culture is based on trust and respect for each other’s differences and knowledge. We seek equality and diversity at all levels of the organisation – from the board and group management through to our employees. We are open-minded and believe in innovation through diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders and opinions. In our recruitment we always endeavour to put together the best and most dedicated team. We distance ourselves from all forms of discrimination, and believe that diversity enriches.

The suppliers’ responsibility

We strive for a situation in which all our outdoor furniture is produced in a socially sustainable way, and we impose requirements on our suppliers through our code of conduct. In addition to this we regulate matters through our code of conduct, and we furthermore seek to improve work conditions and living conditions for everyone in the supply chain. This endeavour is a challenge, as the issues are complex ones that concern different countries far apart. 

Sustainability at a local level

We at Brafab are committed to local associations and clubs, and we primarily focus on supporting activities for children and young people. Children and young people are our future, and we thus feel it goes without saying that we will support local sports and theatre associations.

Healthy workplace

We wish to contribute to improved health amongst Brafab’s employees. We encourage all our employees to live healthily, in part by offering keep fit subsidies. With our excellent work conditions we create a sustainable work climate with a low level of absence through sickness.