Zozan Sinjari

Instagram: @zozansinjari

Zozan Sinjari lives in Täby in Stockholm and has a penchant for forms and lines. Her patio exudes both luxury and harmony, decorated with bright furniture and textiles that blur the line between interior and exterior.

How would you describe your interior design style?
"It is quite stripped down, Scandinavian, light and simple. I like forms and lines and am very drawn to the neutral colour scale. In recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important to me. So I like to choose furnishings and materials that last over time. For example, I love wood and stone."

What materials do you invest in for your patio?
"Sustainable materials that can withstand Scandinavian summers. Preferably materials that require as little maintenance as possible. Hard materials such as aluminium are good, and often come nice designs with straight lines. You can then soften the hardness with textiles and wooden pieces.

How do you decorate to create a holiday feeling?
"I try to decorate as comfortably and invitingly as possible. Our lounge is intended to be a place where we can cuddle, relax and socialize together. You should not have to run in and out picking up cushions and other things. To enjoy that holiday feeling, I need things to be close at hand. Concentrate on surfaces that are good for storing drinks and snacks, and convenient storage for blankets that can be accessed quickly. It is  of course important to choose furniture that is comfortable.

If you can choose three favourites from Brafab's range, which ones would they be?
"The Vevi armchairs, the Averio carpet and the Samlas wooden basket, which I have on my patio. I like the armchairs because they are stylish and maintenance-free, the carpet because it softens the look and the basket because it becomes a practical piece where I can store newspapers, blankets or whatever.