Emelie Sundberg

Instagram: @emelie.sundberg

Emelie Sundberg's 1920s house in Spånga in Stockholm is a pleasant oasis. The patio has obviously received as much love as the inside of the house.

Describe your interior design style.
"Scandinavian and rural. A lot of the elements in my home are of wood, linen and marble, and a mix of vintage and new. For me, it is important that the environment in my home is harmonious. Which is why I stick to earthy colours, such as beige and green. Now that I live in a turn-of-the-century house, I like to embrace the rural feeling of the house, but when I lived in a new-build I had a slightly more modern interior design style."

What do you think one should keep in mind when choosing outdoor furniture?
"Of course, the furniture must be weatherproof. Since you often have outdoor furniture for a long time, I like to invest in good quality furniture. We have a teak set from Brafab at home, which will become very beautiful over the years. So when choosing outdoor furniture, I would say: think stylish and comfortable, and avoid things that are sensitive to trends."

Do you have any tips on creating a cosy dining area?
"Try to frame the dining area. Our dining set is under a pergola that I have covered with climbing plants and hung linen curtains on. This provides both sun protection and increases the cosiness factor. If you don't have a pergola, you can frame the dining area with large pots, or use a hedge if the table is on a lawn. Then decorate with strings of lights and lanterns, and enjoy the feel of lovely fabrics when you sit down at the table."

What do you think distinguishes Brafab's products?
"Quality! You really notice high quality products, which last for a long time. I also like stylish and classic designs. But quality is number one for me."