1. Furniture covers
Extend the season by using furniture covers that protects against the fall leaves and rain showers of autumn. Brafab's furniture covers are tailor-made, which means that the protection fits better.


2. Drainage holes
If the chair has drainage holes, do not turn the chair upside down. If you do, the water comes in instead of out of the chair and there is a risk of frost bursts in the aluminum (ie the aluminum cracks).


3. Ventilation
Make sure that the furniture is dry and ventilated during the winter.


4. Cleaning
Be sure to clean the furniture before putting it away so that there is no dirt or anything else that can corrode or start to rot during storage.

5. Cushions
It is possible to keep the cushions in the cushion box as long as there is no frost at night. Because if the sun then starts to shine, it’s rays heat up the box, the cushions become damp from the condensation that has formed during the night, and this can cause a bad smell on the cushions.


6. Storage
First of all, make sure your furniture is dry before you put it away for winter storage. Wood furniture in particular must be dry before it is covered with a tarp or cover; otherwise, it runs a high risk of developing mould. It is best to prevent the cover or tarp from resting firmly against flat surfaces, such as tabletops, by allowing for ventilation. For example, place a bucket on top of the table before covering itto ensure better ventilation than if the cover is allowed to be flat against the tabletop.


7. Avoid getting wet
Also make sure that the legs are not in a pool of water or that snow is against the legs of the furniture. Look at the furniture so that the furniture protection is right and that the wind does not wear it unnecessarily.