Generellt för alla möbler

Förvara möblerna skyddat från väder och vind i ett torrt, svalt och välventilerat utrymme under höst/vinter. Se till att möblerna är torra när de ställs undan, använd gärna möbelskydd och var noga med att luften kan strömma fritt och ventilera möblerna. Starka lösningsmedel är inte att rekomendera vid rengöring. De flesta av våra möbler går bra att rengöra med ett milt diskmedel och en svamp/trasa. Använda aldrig högtryckstvätt på dina möbler.

Använd gärna möbelskydd anpassat efter din möbelgrupp!

Cleaning and Maintenance

How to care for your outdoor furniture.



Our synthetic materials are best cleaned with a damp cloth and Brafab’s Plastic Cleanser (or a mild detergent). Do not clean your furniture with a pressure washer. To protect the surface, never place hot objects directly on the tabletop. Always use beverage coasters for glasses and glass objects, as they can become extremely hot in strong sunlight.


First rinse with plenty of water to remove excess dirt that might otherwise scratch the surface. After rinsing, proceed cleaning the table with a cloth or a sponge. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent, such as washing-up liquid. Avoid aggressive detergents with any kind of grinding material, as it may cause permanent stains or scratches. Never place hot objects directly on the material, make sure to use table mats for protection. Superstone needs to breathe in order to avoid permanent staining. Therefore avoid to cover the table with thick plastic materials. LAMINATE For best result, use a damp cloth and a mild detergent, such as a washing-up liquid, or an all-purpose detergent. After cleaning, wipe the furniture with a dry cloth. Never place hot objects directly on the surface, always use placemats for protection.


Clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Don’t use a pressure washer. Make sure not to put any hot objects directly on the material, always use placemats to protect the surface. Glasses and glass objects may become extremely hot in strong sunlight, therefore always place beverage coasters underneath them. Depending on the temperature, the table top can move some and cause it to bulge slightly.


All our acacia-wood come from certified plantations in Vietnam. In order to preserve its beautiful surface, make sure to treat the furniture with a Brafab oil. On all new furniture, allow the oil to soak in completely. Repeat this several times, until as much oil as possible is absorbed by the wood. Excess oil is easily wiped off. We recommend to carry out this treatment on a regular basis, especially in the spring before moving furnitures outdoors.


Our painted Acacia furniture is best cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. After cleaning, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Always pro- tect your furniture from rain, preferably with a well-ventilated furniture cover. If the furniture is exposed to rain, make sure to wipe them dry. In case of damage to the varnish, grind lightly with a fine sandpaper and remove any dirt left behind. Before painting the damaged area, try first on a small spot to make sure you have the right color. Consult a paint store for advice on the correct product to use.


All our teak-wood comes from certified plantations in Indonesia. Severely soiled teak is best cleaned with Brafab’s Teak Cleaner. Light dirt can be washed off with water and mild detergent. Wet the teak for a while before cleaning, so that the surface becomes soft. If the wood grain stands up a bit after cleaning, lightly sand down the surface with fine sandpaper. Let the furniture dry for at least one day and then proceed with after-treatment using Brafab’s Teak oil or Teak Protection. For further information, see the chapter on mainte- nance of teak and hardwood. White pigmented Teak wood is best cleaned with warm water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Allow the furniture to dry thouroughly, at least for one day, and then proceed with after-treatment. For best result, use Brafab’s Teak Protector, which is completely transparent and stops moisture and dirt from seeping into the wood. Natural coloured blasted Teak teak wood is treated with a water- proofing wood treatment and normally requires only a cleaning with mild detergent. The furniture can be treated with any Brafab oil.


All of our pine furniture is made from swedish FSC-certified red- wood. When the finish starts to look dull and water no longer bead on the surface it is time to give your pine furniture a treatment. First, clean the furniture thoroughly and let them dry for at least one day. Finally treat the furniture with a Brafab oil.


Generally the screws need to tighten up from time to time. It is a good rule to do this before you move the furniture into storage, and again before you take them out for the season.


Keep the furniture well protected from wind and weather, preferably in a cool, dry and well ventilated storage. Make sure the furniture is completely dry before they are stored away. Most importantly, use furniture covers which allows good air ventilation.

We know outdoor furniture.
We may not be city people, but we understand the value of thinking big while acting locally, with integrity and honesty. We are who we are mainly due to the fact that we have been in the business for 80 years. The company culture is characterized by being born and raised in the countryside where people have carried out carpentry and created handcraft for their own undemanding benefits.