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VAT 556427-4099



Prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) excluding VAT.


Terms and conditions

Free from Brafab stock, Markaryd (DAP shipping cost will be added)

Shipping cost is calculated on each delivery occation based on the volume and weight of the shipment.


Transport damage

In case of visible damage to the packaging at the time of delivery, this must be stated to our shipping agent´s driver and on the consignment note / PDA before the shipment is acknowledged. To make a proper complaint against the transport company, the damage must be documented with image and packaging.


Force Majeure

Brafab is not responsible for damage or delay due to legal matter, government action, mobilization, war, natural disaster, seizure, currency restrictions, systems errors, errors or limitations on deliveries from subcontractors, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockades or other similar circumstances which either obstructs or obstructs Brafab´s performance to such an extent that it can not be done except for abnormally high costs.



Guarantee does not apply to damages occurring during transport. Transport damages shall immediately be reported to the transporting company.

BRAFAB provides 1 year of guarantee (sales from Brafab or retailer) unless otherwise stated on the article label. The guarantee is valid if the goods are handled and used in accordance with the maintenance instructions.



In case of complaint send an email to with the following information:

·         Article number

·         Delivery date

·         Invoice number

·         Complaint

·         Picture which documents the complaint

·         BRAFAB does not accept complaints of products which can be repaired with spare parts                                                                                                                    

Many complaints can be solved easily by Brafab sending compensation for damaged good or missing parts.  Goods of complaint, which has been gathered throughout the season must be approved from Brafab and returned at the latest 1st of October.                           






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