Calcutta lounger

1941 Calcutta lounger Natural color
The Calcutta series is made of carefully selected teak of the highest quality and has stainless steel fittings. This material is unparalleled when it comes to strength and durability. Add stylish design and superior seating comfort to the mix and you’ll discover the quality of this series.
Measurement Tb1 64
Measurement Td1 199
Measurement Th1 90
Measurement_Th2 36
ProductType2: lounger
Colour: Natural colored
Units/Pkg: 1.00000000
Weight: 24.00000000
More Info
GS1: 8994464003115
Measurement: 64x199x90x36
Weight: 24.00000000
Units/pallet: 10.00000000
Units/Pkg: 1.00000000
UnitVolume: 0.35100000
Volym m3/fp: 0.31500000
Volym m3/st: 0.31500000

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