Turin dining chair

92001 Turin dining chair Natural color
Is this the best value teak furniture on the market? Regardless, Turin offers endless possibilities to combine modules in a way that perfectly meets your needs. All the pieces in this series are flexible, foldable and easily placed, making it easy to furnish small spaces as well, such as balconies. And for extra seating comfort, why not add a Solo seat cushion?
Measurement Sh1 46
Measurement Tb1 46
Measurement Td1 61
Measurement Th1 87
ProductType2: dining chair
Colour: Natural colored
Units/Pkg: 2.00000000
Weight: 7.00000000
More Info
GS1: 7393260016762
Measurement: 46x61x87x46
Weight: 7.00000000
Units/pallet: 20.00000000
Units/Pkg: 2.00000000
UnitVolume: 0.00000000
Volym m3/fp: 0.12900000
Volym m3/st: 0.06500000

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