Gotland dining chair

1214-8 Gotland dining chair Grey
A combination of teak and stainless at its very best. Attractive design and excellent seating comfort. Designed by Dick Björk.
Measurement Sh1 44
Measurement Tb1 53
Measurement Td1 57
Measurement Th1 86
ProductType2: dining chair
Colour: Grey/black
Units/Pkg: 6.00000000
Weight: 6.00000000
More Info
GS1: 7393260029762
Measurement: 53x57x86x44
Weight: 6.00000000
Units/pallet: 18.00000000
Units/Pkg: 6.00000000
UnitVolume: 0.10000000
Volym m3/fp: 0.59300000
Volym m3/st: 0.09900000

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