Florina pos chair cushion

3393-385 Florina pos chair cushion Beige
Adding a splash of colour to your balcony or terrace has never been easier. Florina features a whole series of cushions in a range of shades to help you add just the colour you want to your dining chair, reclining chair, position chair or hammock. All cushions are made of 100% Dralon, with a foam and fibre filling.
Measurement Tb1 51
Measurement Td1 46
Measurement_Td2 74
Measurement Th1 6
ProductType2: pos chair cushion
Colour: Taupe
Units/Pkg: 12.00000000
Weight: 0.94000000
More Info
GS1: 5900246320977
Measurement: 51x46x74x6
Weight: 0.94000000
Units/pallet: 36.00000000
Units/Pkg: 12.00000000
UnitVolume: 0.04000000
Volym m3/fp: 0.48000000
Volym m3/st: 0.04000000

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