Bellaire side table

5479-51 Bellaire side table White
Bellaire - Dining chair and table in inviting and comfortable organic shape. An elegant combination of premium artwork with teak frame. Seat cushion with olefin fabric enhances comfort further. Can be combined with one of our teak dining tables.
Measurement_D1 50
Measurement Th1 45
ProductType2: side table
Colour: White
Units/Pkg: 1.00000000
Weight: 7.50000000
More Info
GS1: 7393260028659
Measurement: 50x45
Weight: 7.50000000
Units/pallet: 6.00000000
Units/Pkg: 1.00000000
UnitVolume: 0.09200000
Volym m3/fp: 0.11300000
Volym m3/st: 0.11300000

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